Waterjet Cutting

What is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet Cutting is the process of creating high pressure water (50K-100k+ PSI) and focusing it through an orifice and directing it out of a nozzle in an effort to cut virtually ANY material.

Abrasive is added to the cutting stream at the last second to aid in cutting most materials.

What Can a Waterjet Cut?

The real question is what can a waterjet NOT cut?  This is what makes a waterjet one of the best shape cutting machines on the market.

Waterjets can easily cut woods, plastics, fiber materials, stones both artificial and natural, metals, and even food!


Our Semyx Titan 420 has a useable cutting area of 80" x 160" and we can fit 12" vertically under the cutting head.

We have made special fixturing equipment in the past to cut over-sized items.  If your piece is larger than our advertised capacity, don't be afraid to ask if we can do it.

5 axis cutting head and Taper compensation

With Waterjet cutting their is "lag" since the stream is a dynamic tool and deflects as it hits the material to be cut.  Their is also a Draft outwards because of the deflection of the stream.

We can compensate for this with our cutting head by tilting the head inwards with highly accurate pre-programmed settings.  The end product is a part that is virtually taper free, which translates to less post op procedures and saving our customers time and money.

We also have a 5 axis cutting head that will allow us to cut a taper up to 60 degrees + or - on any cut edge.  This allows for very complex geometry parts saving post op macining, adding weld preps etc.  The possibilites with this technology are limitless!

Not sure if a waterjet will cut your part?

Chances are, it can.  Give us a call, email, or stop by and show us what you have, and we will give you an honest assesment and come up with an economic solution to your cutting needs.