Industrial Fabrication

We work with many industrial users and machine shops to provide raw material, process parts, and assemble weldments large and small.

Commercial Welding and Fabrication

Commerical customers are a large part of our work.  We  build mechanical platforms, catwalks, railings, staircases and many other fabricated metal items for the commerical industry.

Strucutural Steel

Need one beam to support removal of a shear wall, or full steel framing? We can handle it!  We do our shop drawings in house and go straight into production after approval and verification of field measurements.

We can supply steel delivered to your job site, or if you prefer we can erect and field weld connections.

Had someone else supply your steel and just need some certified welding done?  No problem! We have multiple service trucks with engine drive welders to handle it.

Architectural Metals

We design, fabricate and install any architectural metals you may need.  We work with steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, zinc and any other mediums the job may require.

We build rangehoods, fireplace surrounds, counter tops, trellis, awnings and many more items.

We also do our patinas in house!

Ornamental Iron

Railings, gates, and staircases are a regular item at Seattle Metal Products.

We start with field measuring and going over design intent, followed by shop drawings for approval.

After approval its off to production.  We can install all of our fabricated items, but we have no problem only supplying fabrications if you'd like to install them yourself.

Waterjet Cutting

We are experts in the field of waterjet cutting.  Please see our Waterjet Section for specific details on our Capacities and capabilities.